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Q: Do dogs have to be kennel trained for boarding or daycare?

A: Yes, I do ask that dogs are kennel trained before boarding or attending daycare. Dogs are in their kennels at scheduled times throughout the day and at night if they are boarding. Kenneling at night gives every canine member (yours and my own) a break from all of the interaction throughout the day. If you are seeking out my training services, dogs do not have to be kennel trained as this is something that we will go over.

Q: Will my dog get playtime during their boarding stay?

A: Absolutely! Part of the experience at Em&Pups includes structured play. I am huge on providing dogs with mental and physical stimulation, especially when they are here, so make their stay more fun and easier on them.

Q: Do all daycare dogs get to play with other dogs?

A: It depends on the dog. Almost every dog that I have had attend daycare can be out with my ridiculously dog friendly dog Huckle- he is the resident clown! Daycare dogs are out with each other based on compatibility, as I fully believe that not every single dog is meant to be out with a mirage of other dogs. I have a few daycare dogs that are not out with any other dogs other than my own, and that's okay! I run my program based on ample amounts of play, nap times, and overall structure, and every dog gets plenty of each- no matter their behaviors!

Q: How many dogs do you take for daycare?

A: This largely depends on WHAT dogs I have scheduled for boarding and daycare.

Q: My dog doesn't get along with other dogs, can they still come for boarding?

A: Of course! I am well versed in dogs that do not get along with other dogs, and take safety in this scenario very seriously. Dogs that do not do well with others are still given the same time out, playtime routines, and overall mental and physcail exercise, just with me!

Q: What training services do you offer?

A: I offer private sessions and board and trains. Consultation are REQUIRED before either can be discussed to make sure that I am a good fit for you and your pack!

Q: What tools do you use for training?

A: I do not believe in sticking to a single method or tool in dog training. I am big on "training the dog in front of me" and do my best to fit any training style to the dog's needs. I have preferred tools, but stray if necessary for the dog's success.

Q: We are getting a new puppy, how young is too young for training?

A: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO YOUNG! I repeat, there is no such thing! Training puppies looks different than training dogs over six months of age, but the training with your puppy can (and should) begin immediately! My puppy consults are designed for dogs less than six months old that need the basic commands, lifestyle structure, and engagement practice. Once your puppy reaches six months of age, we can begin an actual program.

Q: Can my puppy under six months come to daycare or be boarded?

A: I would LOVE to hang out and play with your pups! Puppies that are under six months of age are encouraged to attend daycare and boarding here for PROPER socialization, structure, and a fantastic experience away from home. Please keep in mind that your puppy may not be fully vaccinated at the time of bringing them here, but it is asked that you have age appropriate vaccines. 

Q: Who will interact with my dog during boarding and daycare?

A: ME! Of course. My home consists of myself, my fiance, and my three pups. If your dog does not prefer men or other dogs, they will not have any interaction with anyone other than myself. If your dog likes men and other dogs, they will likely get to hang out with the whole gang!

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