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my philosophy

The way I see it, dog training should be about building your dog up and creating a dog that WANTS to do all of the things with and for you.


Ivan Balabanov says it perfectly, "MAKE YOUR DOG SOMEBODY."

That should always be our goal: to build these dogs up to achieve all of the amazing things they are capable of. I want the owners and dogs that come through my door to feel like they have a better understanding of each other, and a relationship built on integrity and cooperation. I also want dogs to feel motivated to work with us, and help owners discover exactly what makes their dog tick. I am a firm believer in owners understanding how dogs in general learn, why things work the way that they do, and why certain strategies may work better in any given case than others.

I do not limit to or require use of any specific tools, although I absolutely have my favorites! I am an advocate of the use of all tools correctly, with a clear understanding of why and how to implement these tools into our training plan if applicable.

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