my philosophy

Over the years, my ultimate goal in dog training has changed. I no longer am focused on running the dogs through the motions of training and expecting them to fit into a mold.

Now, the end goal is always to create a relationship between owner and dog that is built on trust, mutual respect, clear communication, and enjoyment for both owner and dog.  Sure, I still want to teach the same behaviors that I always have taught, but with a different mindset towards the PROCESS of teaching those behaviors. This will vary in terms of what each dog is capable of achieving, but the foundation will ALWAYS be focused on building a team to reach the greatest level of success for each dog.

I believe that the dog's feelings and attitude towards training and situations that we put them in matters. Dog training isn't just about reinforcement, punishment, or commands. It is about creating the happiest and healthiest version of your dog that you can within reason. 

Genetics and nutrition are two hot topics in my training and making sure the dog FEELS good. I do not believe in suppressing a dog's genetic desires (unless dangerous) and find that providing dogs with a healthy outlet for the instincts that they have is far more beneficial than suppressing the innate desires that they may have. Nutrition is something that I am passionate about in making sure that every dog is set up for success in physically and mentally being the most prepared for learning and retaining information- without that, learning can be difficult and really difficult for the dog. I mean it makes total sense, if your body is not at it's optimal health, your dog's choices and behaviors with surely reflect that.

In my training, motivation plays a key role. One of our first goals will be to figure out what motivates your dog, especially in the learning stages. I love utilizing play and letting the dog let out all of the physical energy while working side by side with you. 

I am open to the use of all tools (used properly) and do not limit owners to one way. I utilize positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, and negative punishment as necessary.

Ultimately, I want dogs and owners that come to me to feel like they have gained a better understanding of each other when they leave training. I want owners to feel like they have the dog of their dreams and for dogs to feel like they are living their very best life, all while working together to achieve those feelings.