Let your pup come spend the day with Em&Pups!


Daycare with us is a fantastic way to get your dog around other balanced dogs, give them mental and physical stimulation throughout the day, and makes sure that your dog is not home alone for your entire work day. We have many features here that most daycares do not offer. We offer individual playtime, continued/maintenance of training, appropriate dog interactions, and individual integration time (meaning if your dog is uncomfortable, we do not force them to be comfortable- we take our time finding their best group and use my personal dogs to acclimate them if they are having a hard time). 


Our Daycare is STRUCTURED, meaning that it is not a free for all. We set up play groups so that each dog can be around dogs that match their personality, energy, and play style. We do not believe that every dog will love every other dog, and I respect that in the playgroups. Dogs are asked to tolerate within reason, but we never ask the dogs to advocate for themselves with rude dogs. We tend to attract the dogs that get kicked out (or would get kicked out) of traditional style daycares, so the structure and boundaries that we implement are extremely important for our client dogs to be successful!


Dogs are provided with ample play, chill, and training time. Daycare dogs must be dog friendly (unless otherwise discussed), kennel trained, and drop off/pick up times must be communicated prior to drop off/pick up.


$35 per day for first dog, $25 per day for second dog


Please email to schedule your FREE 15 minute meet and greet with myself to determine your needs for daycare! 

Daycare rates are subject to tax and processing fees