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Training Assessment


Training Assessments are designed to give me the chance to see you and your dog, for you to meet me, and to learn more about how I train. We will go over basic life skills that I would want to see implemented, see where your dog is at with the basics, and go over what training would look like. We also will discuss what motivates your dog and how to begin using it in your training! These typically have a duration of 30-60 minutes and you bring your dog to me!

Price: $100* (credited to program if you sign up at assessment)

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Where: Envision K9 Studio

Virtual Training

Virtual Training is designed to be an alternative to in person lessons. All training will be conducted over FaceTime or  Zoom. These lessons are preferable for clients who need extra help with play, basic obedience, communication skills, tricks, lifestyle help, etc. These lessons will run 1-2 hours, depending on what we are working on/discussing. Virtual lessons also come with weekly video review (you send video prior to virtual session for me to go over).

Price: $100* per lesson

Duration: 1-2 hours

Training Packages

We offer different training packages to fit you and your dog's needs. Packages include a personalized training plan, equipment if stated, and lifetime support.

- PAY AS YOU GO: this option is for those that have very specific desires or commands that they are wanting to work on. This DOES NOT include equipment and any dogs with behavior issues are discouraged from this option. If you need help or guidance with the little or specific things, this is for you! Equipment is not included.

Price: $150* per lesson

- BASIC PROGRAM: the Basic Program is compromised of an additional three private training lessons post consultation and all equipment necessary. You will be introduced to the foundation of basic commands (sit, down, come, place, out), begin loose leash walking, and understand how your dog learns to continue on in the process. This is encouraged for owners who have dogs with basic behavior issues. Behavior modification will not normally fit into this program.

Price: $650* for three lessons, $150* per additional dog

- OFF LEASH PROGRAM: this program includes six private lessons after the initial assessment. You will be introduced to the foundation of basic commands and begin the proofing of these commands. Ecollar is included for those that wish to implement the tool. This is encouraged for owners that want to have off leash reliability with their dog and proof the basic commands.

Price: $1200* for six lessons, $300* per additional dog

- HOMESCHOOL PROGRAM: the homeschool program is designed for owners that want the benefits of a board and train without having to send their dog away for an extended period of time. For a minimum of three weeks, 5 days a week (M-F), I will come to your home to work with your dog privately. It gives me the ability to spend an extended amount of time with your dog training (30-90 minutes depending on dog). This allows me to work on play drive, basic commands, walks, and relax time in your own home/neighborhood while you go about your regular daily routine (work, errands, etc.). You will be given daily updates and videos to watch and to implement on your own time. On the Friday of each week, owners are asked to be present for the lesson (in person or virtual). Additional weeks can be added on as necessary.

Price: $2250* for three weeks (M-F) of lessons, $500* per additional week





All training assessments are conducted at the Envision K9 home studio. Address will be sent upon sign up.

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