Canine Sport Detection

Ever wonder how amazing your dog's nose really is? Do you want to build your dog's confidence, engagement with you, and give them the mental workout of a lifetime? Then Canine Sport Detection is for you and your dog!


Canine Sport Detection

Introduction to search and Odor

Introduction to Search and Odor will provide students with the foundation of hunting skills and introduction to their desired odor. This class will discuss proper storage techniques, impulse control games, hunt/search games, marker word implementation, and touch on your dog's final response. This class will consist of four sessions. You will receive your first tin with odor.

Class: $310 (+tax and fees)- COMING IN 2022

Private: $410 (+tax and fees)- AVAILABLE NOW

Canine Sport Detection

Novice Search and odor

This class is designed for those that have taken the introductory class for search and odor. In this class, we will continue to enhance your dog's natural ability to search, locate, and really begin working on the alert. A second odor will be introduced in this class if desired/applicable. Owners will receive a 10 ft biothane leash and a second odor tin.

$270 (+tax and fees)- COMING IN 2022


Canine Sport Detection

Puppy Nose Confidence Skills

This class is designed for puppies that are 6 months and under. We will focus largely on confidence building through the nose, hunt skills, texture changes, toy and food drive building, and basic engagement with your puppy out and about. Puppy Nose Confidence Skills will be four 1-1.5 hour sessions.

$210 (+tax and fees)- COMING IN 2022