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Leaving town and not sure where to send your pup?


Make sure you dog has a relaxing, safe vacation just like you! Our STRUCTURED boarding services allow your dog to be cared for in a home setting. Home settings help avoid the over stimulation that many kennels come with, more one on one attention for your dog, and round the clock care.


Your dog will receive plenty of play time, along with time to relax and reboot. Dogs that are currently going through training or are looking for maintenance of training will also benefit with continued reinforcement of your hard work. 


Boarding dogs must be kennel trained and must be human friendly. Boarding dogs will be kenneled overnight and throughout the day as necessary (dogs are rotated in and out depending on what other dogs are staying). Dog friendly dogs may or may not be out with other boarding dogs or my own- I am a big believer in personalities needing to vibe in dog socials.


They ARE NOT required to be dog friendly, but prior mention of this is a must to ensure everyone's safety! We take a limited number of dogs to ensure the proper care and time spent with each pup while they are apart of our pack.

$60 per night for first dog, $40 per night for additional dogs

Boarding rates are subject to tax and processing fees.

Please email to check availability for your boarding needs!

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